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Tell Your Neighbor!  —  The importance of missionary work, in poem form


I dreamed as I lay sleeping,
I laid this mortal by,
And stepped across the threshold
.  To that land beyond the sky.

I say my father, my mother too,
Grandparents, relatives dear,
Brothers and sisters of the Church
Were there with love and cheer.

Then I beheld my neighbors
Who had been so sweet and gay,
But they came not to greet me —
.  Instead they turned away.

I ran to them, “It’s me!” I said,
“Your neighbor from beyond.”
“Don’t you know me?” I asked of them,
But they answered not a word.

I turned and saw my Savior,
On His face there was a frown.
“I surrendered my life for them,
.  But you surely let them down.”

“Behold your loving neighbors,
Standing sadly here today.
Barred from the highest glory,
Because you would not say,

“I know the truth, come listen now
.  And I will tell you why
I live, believe, the way I do
And of your home on high.”

“Instead you said, ‘They have their church,
My neighbors I won’t offend.
Perhaps I’ll stir up anger,
.  And I’ll lose them as my friends.’ ”

“My commandment is,” He said to me,
.  “To share with all you meet,
Your love of the Gospel, your love of the Son,
Your testimony complete.”

“Oh blessed Savior, please be kind,
.  Do send me back, I plead –
That I might speak to everyone,
.  Meeting their righteous need.”

Then I awoke, “Was it a dream?”
.  I felt it could not be.
It was a warning, direct and strong,
From our dear Lord, to me!

Before another day may pass
I shall the gospel share,
Friends and neighbors, one and all
.  Will of great truth be aware.

So when I stand before His bar
.  And I look in my Savior’s eye,
I will say with an honest heart,
“Thou knowest that I did try!”

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