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Highlights from Brother John Bytheway’s remarkable book, GOLDEN ANSWERS

Outstanding gems from an inspired and inspiring book, shared by a very inspired teacher of the Gospel

Few books have impressed my soul as profoundly as the book Golden Answers, by Brother John Bytheway.  His insights about doctrine expounded in the Book of Mormon are life-changing!  Here are some of my favorites:

  • Alma 5 is the “get your act together” chapter in the Book of Mormon, Alma 7 is the “you have your act together” chapter, and Alma 22 is the “what exactly is my ‘act’ ” chapter.
  • The phrase ‘these things’, found often in the Book of Mormon, usually refers to the Book of Mormon.
  • We can ‘merit’ nothing by ourselves!  All positive things in our lives come through the ‘merits’ of Jesus Christ.  We do not EARN our exaltation.
  • Elder Bruce R. McConkie spoke often of the ‘three pillars of eternity’, those being the Creation, the Fall, and the Atonement.  Incredibly, when Ammon began to teach King Lamoni in the land of Ishmael, he started by talking about ‘the creation of the world’, ‘the fall of man’, and ‘the plan of redemption…and the coming of Christ…”.  (Alma 18:36, 39)  Also, when Aaron began to teach Lamoni’s father, he taught him about the ‘creation of Adam’, ‘the fall of man’, and ‘the plan of redemption through Christ…”.  (Alma 22:13).
  • We should not speak of ‘conversion to the church’ or being ‘a convert to the church’.  When the Book of Mormon mentions ‘conversion’, it is always pointed toward ‘conversion to Christ’!
  • The phrase ‘come unto Christ’ or ‘come unto me’ is mentioned 28 times in the scriptures.  Remarkably, 25 of those references are found in the Book of Mormon.

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